Parlor Robot Chess Set
Eyes on You team
Left to right:  Isaias Constant, Ivan
Watchen, Eileen Black, Norris
Nasalmann, Harris Isaacson, Isaac
Quatropod, Ira Kingsman
(These eyes open and close!)
Setting up the teams at home.  
Still had a few to build at the time...
The What!? team is in back and the
Eyes on You team in front.
Front row (Eyes on You team) from left to right:
Ginger Castlerock (out of view), Isaac Quatropod, eileen
black, Queen Lillian, King Bruce, Sam Ovarson,Ira
Kingsman, Galen Castlerock
Half of the What!? team
Left to Right:  Nannette, Edgar
Bishop, Babbett, King Ray, Queen
Antoinette, Jane, Emogene Bishop,
Game's On!
Exhibit at North Bank
Artist Gallery
1005 Main Street
Vancouver WA
About this match-up:
These two teams have it in for each other.  They both come with their own special talents and
behaviors.  The Eyes on You team has learned from past experience that the What!? Team will cheat
whenever they can get away with it.  So they watch them suspiciously and vigilantly with their powerful
The players on the What!? Team are stealthy cheaters but sometimes are caught in the act.  
Whenever that happens, they have a unified response.  They throw their hands up and protest,
“What!?”  The Eyes on You players are not fooled and not moved by these protestations.  By the
way, where did those eyeballs come from!?