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Exhibits and Shows: 2019

s I have for the past few years, I again plan to have a booth at the Clark County
Recycled Arts Festival
at Esther Short Park in Downtown Vancouver.  It will be the
last weekend of June.

I a
lso plan to return to the Washougal Art Festival on Saturday, August 11th.

You can find some of my Found Object Robot Art a
t the Mudroom Gallery on
Evergreen Blvd. in Vancouver.

I have shown my work at the
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  I was
honored to be asked to do a one-person show there when living in Austin.  I've also
had private shows in homes and community centers in Austin and in Santa Barbara.

Primarily my artwork is displayed throughout the my home and can be viewed by
contacting me.  This has allowed me to keep my prices reasonable.  Personally,
I don't enjoy the business of selling art.  I imagine that few artists do.  

Private showings can easily be arranged by calling (512) 417-1764
or by e-mailing Chrissie at:
News and Interests

I joined the North Bank Artist Gallery in Vancouver in 2014.  It has been great
fun meeting the other artists, forming good friendships and sharing ideas.  
Sadly, the gallery shut down June 2017 due to rising rent costs.

In October 2016, I visited the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia.  It was a
rare sunny day and the Japanese Garden's trees and bushes were exploding with
vibrant yellows, oranges and reds.  Many of the paintings in my April show at
North Bank were of these gardens.  
 Butchart Gardens  

Last year I made a huge (8ft x 8ft) parlor chess set.  All the pieces were Found
Object Robot Art 'critters.'  Making these chess pieces and other critters
involves hunting for brass, copper, silverplate and other metal household objects
at estate sales, thrift shops, Habitat for Humanity Restores, antique shops and
the like.  Then the challenge is figuring out how to assemble the pieces into a
fun 'robot' that is sturdy and makes me giggle.  Of course this involves power
tools, worn-out drill bits, lots of nuts and bolts and a massive organizing of parts.  
I love my new drill press!  All of it is fun... except the metal cuts on my fingers.  
You can see a sampling of my critters on the
Parlor Robot Chess Set, Larger
Robots, and Smaller Robots pages.

When I paint Texas longhorns, I say I'm going to my studio to wrangle some
cattle.  The challenge feels like that sometimes.  Occasionally, the cow wins.  

Capturing the power of waves crashing in paintings is an exciting challenge for
me.  I have long had a fascination with waves, subscribing to Surfer Magazine
for years.  It was only natural that I should begin painting them.  I'm especially
drawn to storm surf, so huge crashing waves are my favorite waves to paint.  
How people surf those waves is beyond me!  I'd rather safely paint them.

few years ago I jumped into painting Nebulae, using photos from the Hubble
Telescope for my inspiration.  It feels like a natural progression from clouds and
waves, except that I get to ponder the immensity and secrets of the universe
while I paint.  These paintings just have to be painted on a large scale!  

I have had fun painting herons, cormorants, and pelicans in Port Aransas, Texas.  
I worry now about these magnificent birds since Hurricane Harvey hit land
so close by.   

When it rained in Texas, I would drive madly from one colorful scene to another,
gathering ideas for new wildflower paintings.  The fields near Plano and Brenham
can be unbelievable!  These paintings are sprinkled about this website.